Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Learner Qualities - Empathise and Communicate

Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicate

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Share at least 3 example of how you have shown empathy recently. Add a photo if you can.
1. When Claudia was sad I made her happy by making her laugh.
2. I apologise to Claudia when I did something mean to her.
3. When people were left out I Included them.

Share at least 3 examples of how you have communicated in different ways this term. Add photos if you can.
1. In integrated Learning I communicated by putting my hand up and sharing my ideas with others.
2. In writing, when writing our myth I asked Mr Hillary If I could do a conference so that he knows if my writing is good and if i need to take away or add anything.
3. I communicated with Charlie and Jordyn by sharing my ideas and research in our Integrated Learning about the blue duck.

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