Tuesday, 22 November 2016


what ?
This term for science we learnt about the solar system.

so what ?
For one class we learnt how we can save water. I came up with:
- don't eat spicy food 
- shut the tap off after use 
- don't use the water for so long 

Now What ?
I am going to learn more about the layers of the Earth.

Woodend Camp

On Tuesday last week we went to Woodend Christian Camp. It was so much fun. Here are some activities we did: team building, climbing wall, archery, orienteering, go karts and a couple of more activities.

My favourite was orienteering because on the way me and Angela just kept on talking with Mr Rule and Mrs Hall. The best thing was that we were in a forest.

In my bunk room I had Ella, Caitlyn, Zara, Annabel, Jordyn, Amber M, Meg and me. Me and Jordyn went to sleep at 1:00 o'clock at night because we were eating BBQ chips and talking. Then in the morning we woke up at 5:35.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Literacy week


This week was literacy week. We did many things such as a Scavenger hunt, Dress up day, Stop drop and write, Stop drop and read, Golden ticket, Library activities, Guess the teacher, Guess the book, Soraya Nicholas - visitor author.

So what?

The thing I enjoyed the most was stop drop and write because you can use your imagination and write as much as you want every time I wrote 2 pages every time that is pretty impressive.

Book Character Week

Red and White aka Read and Write Celebrating: Where’s Wally’s 30th Anniversary and Dr Seuss’s 60th Anniversary As part of Literacy Wee...