Friday, 29 September 2017

Integrated Learning Term 3

WALT write a information report about a resource found in the Canterbury area that is of significance to the Maori.

Informational report - Blue Duck

The Whio (blue duck) is a duck that is only found in NZ, Which means it is native to NZ. It has brown, black and blue feathers. The Blue Duck is known for the look because of the colours of the duck. It has a really light gray beck, it has brown spots and black feet.

Is it on a note?
The blue duck is on the  back of the New Zealand $10 note.
Back of NZ $10 note.PNG
What does the blue duck eat?
The blue duck mainly eats mayfly, caddis fly, aquatic insects and stonefly. It also eats other insects and plants these are just some of the main.
Why is it named the blue duck?
The maori named the blue duck Whio and the english european named it the blue duck. The blue duck is named after the colour and the feathers the colour of the blue duck is brown, Black and blue.

Is the blue duck extinct or rare?
The blue duck is rare because there are under 3,000 blue ducks left, it is nearly extinct.

Does it look like a normal duck?
It looks like a normal duck, but it has different feathers. The colour of the blue ducks are black, brown and blue.

What did the Maori use of do with the blue duck?
The Maori killed the blue duck and ate it. It is also a treasured species to the Maori.

Where can you find blue ducks?
Blue ducks are found in clean, fast-flowing rivers in the North and South Islands. They can also be found in parks but it is really rare to find one.

Does the blue duck live with its mother?
Yes, the blue duck lives with its mother until they are old enough to live alone.

What are the threats of the blue duck?
The threats of the blue duck are habitat loss, predation and disturbance. The reason why one of the blue ducks threat is habitat loss is because if they lose their habitat they will not have anywhere to live.

Jordyn and I thought that a poster would be really simple and look like we didn’t put any effort and we rushed it so we also made a diorama in the diorama we included 2 blue ducks, a river and a nest with 3 eggs we also included a mother Blue Duck walking to her eggs.
Here is a picture of our diorama.

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