Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Maths - Multiplication and division

W.A.L.T solve division problems using remainders 

18/2 is 9 so it would be 2 r 1 so how many 2's in 19 2 and then there is 1 left over 2/19 = 2 r 1 


W.A.L.T Multiply with large numbers

We got given a FIO (figure it out) I did my one with Claudia and we figured it out together
it was 1 year = 21 human years and then each other year you add on 4, such as 2 years for a pet would be 25 human years and then 3 years would be 29 human years and so on.

Next I need to learn how to be more confident when solving complicated problems. I want to get quicker at solving new problems.

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