Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Run, Bike, Run

Run bike run

WALT understand the purpose for writing - to share an experience. 


Yesterday the Year 6 Hub went down to Westlake Park for Run Bike Run. It was really cold and windy and the grass wasn’t dry, so a lot of people slipped. It was kind of funny watching them slip and get mud all over them. But I do feel sorry for them because they are going to have to run in the wet and muddy clothes. Mr Forman announced that the races are going to start in a little bit. Lillian, Claudia and I start to get goosebumps and got a little scared. Just to start off we off we play a game of tricky tag and then paper, scissors, rock, which is a fun game. It is when you have two teams of 5 of more and there are boundaries and you’ve got to run until the other person tags you then you do paper, scissors, rock and whoever loses has to join the back of the line and the other person keeps on running. In the middle of that game it was time for our race and the worst thing, it started to spit and it was nearly time for our race. Claudia did the first run zooming through Westlake Park, then Lillian did the biking, also zooming through the park. Then Lillian, Claudia and I all went and ran through the park and we got 6th place out of the girls team which was impressive. After that, we had a big rest and then we went so that we could cheer everyone on. After that we packed our bags so that we could leave to go back to school, so far that was the best Run, Bike, Run for me.

By Dania

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